Incredible Health Benefits Of Bananas You Never Knew


Banana is an edible fruit belonging to the genus Musa. Banana is botanically a berry and produced by large flowering plants in this genus. in most countries, cooking bananas are called Plantains in.contrast to others which are used in desserts.


Bananas serve an amazing purpose when it comes to people suffering from hypertension. Bananas are an ample source of potassium. Recent studies have that high potassium intake may be as equally beneficial in lowering bloodpressure as a low sodium diet.

A high potassium intake has also been known to reduce the risk of dying from all causes.


Travelling and don’t have the time to make baby food? Bananas are an instant baby food as they pack essential nutrient to help your baby stronger and healthier.


Bananas are known to boost immunity and prevent from the risks of developing asthma. A study conducted by the Imperial College of London has shown that children who ate a banana every has 34% less chance of developing asthma.


Bananas are a good source of soluble fiber. Fiber has been known to improve satiety and decrease obsessive thoughts about food. This lowers your calorie intake and helps in weifhtloss.

In a study conducted with 252 women 20 months, for every gram of fiber intake, the body weight goes down by 0.25 kg or 0.55 pounds.


Bananas are incredibly helpful in diarrhea. Bananas are one of the food recommended by doctors in patients with loose stools. Bananas are a high source of potassium and other essential nutrients and make up for electrolytes lost in bouts of diarrhea.

Being affluent in soluble fiber, consumption of bananas bulk up stools  makes passage of stools through the intestines less frequent.


Bananas contain an amino acid tryptophan that is known to boost mood and induce better sleep .


Bananas have a low glycemic index. Eating bananas doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes and are an instant source of energy because of the presence of easily digestible carbohydrates.

Unripe bananas are also rich in resistant starch and work as fiber to lower your blood sugar levels.





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