Interesting Facts About Cucumbers

Cucumber is a widely cultivated plant belonging to the same family as pumpkin, cantaloupe and squashes that is Cucurbitaceae. The plant bears creeping vines which bears cucumiform fruits which are used as vegetables.

Cucumber is 95% water and has three varieties which are slicing, pickling and seedless.

Here are some facts about cucumber worth knowing.


This healthy salad vegetable can be a useful tool in assisting weightloss. A cup of cucumber contains merely 16 calories, less than any vegetable ever. You can eat a bowl of this awesome vegetable without being conscious about your weight. Moreover, the high fiber content of cucumber promotes satiety, making you less vulnerable to eat restricted high calorie foods.


Cucumber is a high source of water. Its also a good source of electrolytes which, along with it water content, work to keep you hydrated.


Being an affluent source of fiber, cucumber can help treat heartburn. Fiber acts as a medium for stomach acid to act upon ultimately lowering acidreflux.

The impressive water content also dilutes acid and prevents heartburn.


Regular consumption of cucumber can boost your intestinal movement and promote regularity. Dehydration is one of the main causes of constipation. Low water intake drys out the stools, making them hard and difficult to pass.

The fiber along with plenty of water in cucumber, acts as a bulking agent stimulates effective intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation.




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