Natural Remedies to Treat Sunburn

The most common disadvantage of having fair skin is sunburn. The lighter the skin, the more chances of being it sun burnt. Sunburn is a form of radiation burn which affects skin by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. common symptoms are redness of the skin that is hot to touch, pain and fatigue.  Sever sunburn can be categorized by the presence of blisters, erythema, peeling of the skin and even fever.

Here are some tips that might prove useful to you.


Drinking lot of water is important to replace the fluid lost by the skin. The more water you drink, the faster will be he healing process. Also. it will  replace the fluid volume lost due to dehydration.


Hopping in the shower is always a good idea when you are sun burnt. Make sure you are taking a cold one, cause warm water will damage the skin and hurt you even more.


Applying ice pack to the affected area instantly relieves the inflammation and pain associated with sunburn by prompting the body’s defense mechanism into repair.


Apply cold milk to the area damaged by the sunburn. Milk calms down itchiness and irritation all the while promoting the regeneration of the skin. Use cotton wool to apply milk to the troubled area and allow it to dry.


Yogurt do wonders in treating sunburns. The lactic acid action of the yogurt destroys the bacteria on the surface of the skin. It also prompts growth and healing while toning down the inflammation and edema.


The presence of Vitamin E in Must

ard oil acts a natural sunscreen and protects  you from the harmful ultra violet rays. Mustard oil also induces repair in the damaged areas by its calming effect and aid in the relief of pain and discomfort associated with sunburn.


Peel the cucumber and mash it. Place it in the fridge to cool and apply gently on the sore parts. Repeat the process until there is a relief from pain . The soothing action of cucumber acts as life saver in individuals distressed by sunburns.


Take a bunch of peppermint leaves and grind it with water to form a thick paste. Apply gently to the desired areas. The remarkable analgesic properties of peppermint instantly take away the pain and inflammation caused by the damaging sun rays.


Peel one or two potatoes and grind to make a paste. Apply on the affected area. The high level of starch in potatoes take away the heat from sun burnt area and induce the healing process.


The soothing properties of aloe vera makes it an impressive cure for sunburns. The potent bactericidal action of aloe vera fight the possibilities of a future infection. You can either use the gel from aloe vera leaves or there are a lot of aloe sprays available in the market.








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