Incredible Benefits of Lemon

Lemon is a fruit of an evergreen flowering tree native to Asia. Lemon is 5 to 6% citric acid which gives it a characteristic sour taste. Here are some health benefits of lemon that may prove useful to you.


Our mouth is inhabited with anerobic bacteria that produce sulfur. When our mouth is dry, these bacteria multiply rapidly giving our breath a bad odor. Lemon induces the production of saliva, and water improves hydration. Hence drinking a glass of lemon water effectively treats bad breath.


Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C which boosts the production of collagen. The juice from two lemons contains 88% of our daily requirement of Vitamin C. The antioxidant action of vitamin C fights free radicals and delays the aging process giving your skin the youthful glow it needs.


The antioxidant action of lemon is known to be heart friendly. The antioxidants in lemon breakdown cholesterol, the main culprit behind heart diseases.


The polyphenol compounds in lemon have been known to assist in weightloss. In addition they also improve inaulin resistance in people with a high fat diet


Lemons are a popular aid in improving intestinal peristalsis. The juice from one or two lemons in a glass of warm water before breakfast can help you relieve constipation.


Lemons are widely used in remedies to treat allergies. Lemons, honey and ginger root slices are an essential component of concoctions made to ease cold and cough.


The acidic action of lemons fight bacteria which accumulate in the gum lining to cause gingivitis and many other gum related diseases. The antioxidant action of lemon strenghthens blood vessels in the gums and prevent gum bleeding.





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