Life changing Benefits of Figs

Ficus carcia or fig is flowering plant of the Mulberry family belonging to the Asian species. Fig is native to the Middle East and Western Asia and has been cultivated for thousands of years.

The now commonly grown fruit is loaded with miraculous health benefits. Here are a few :


Figs have an inhibitory effect on the triglyceride levels in blood, which predisposes heart to various atherosclerotic troubles. Triglycerides accumulate to constrict the lumen of blood vessels, producing stress on the heart and decreasing cardiac output, ultimately leading to stroke or heart failure.


For every three fig serving, there is 5 grams of fiber. This high amount of fiber bulks up the stools and prevents constipation. It also serves as a good electrolyte source in diarrhea, where a good amount of minerals are lost in frequent watery bowel movements, leaving you tired and sluggish.


The high fiber content in figs slows digestion, making you feel less hungry. Fiber absorbs water and swells up in the stomach, making stretch receptors send signals of being full to the brain.  This lowers your appetite and helps you in weight loss.


Figs are rich in soluble fiber called Pectin. Fiber moves through blood vessels moping off excess cholesterol from the blood vessels and taking it to the excretory system to be dumped from the body.


Being a rich source of Calcium, figs strengthen bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. It is also an abundant source of phosphorus which is necessary for the bone regeneration in case of a fracture or damage. Phosphorus makes up more than half of the bone, so a diet affluent in both phosphorus and calcium is necessary for the bones to stay strong and healthy.


People who maintain a high sodium diet are susceptible to calcium loss through urine. The high level of potassium in figs counteracts the negative effect of sodium, preventing thinning of the bones and decreasing the urinary calcium loss.


Regular consumption of figs reduces the amount of insulin needed by diabetics. The abundance of potassium in figs regulates blood sugar absorption in he body, making the spikes and falls less frequent.


The high amount of potassium in figs lowers blood pressure. Potassium counters the effect of sodium on the blood vessels decreasing blood pressure, settling the nerves and calming your day.


The substantial amount of fiber in figs helps eliminate free radicals from the gut and other cancerous substances by stimulating movement of the bowels.


Figs are a great source vitamin A. Vitamin A, a common antioxidant, protects eyes from free radicals which accumulate to cause macular degeneration and other age related diseases of the eye. Vitamin A is also helpful in maintaining night vision. Deficiency of Vitamin A can lead to poor vision during the night.


Environmental toxins, processed food can affect how much estrogen we take in. Excess estrogen can lead to weight gain headaches and  mood swings. Figs balance the amount of estrogen in our body with the help of antioxidants eliminating any harmful estrogen amount.


Figs also precursor the production of natural estrogen in our bodies. Figs may help in women suffering from menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings and irritability. A couple of figs everyday can help a lot to those fighting these issues.



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