Remarkable Benefits of the Yummy Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a squash plant that is round with smooth skin and an orange color. Pumpkin is native to North America and is widely used for commercial and food purposes. Although many people are familiar with its use, few people are aware of its amazing nutritional benefits.

Here are some outstanding advantages of the delicious pumpkin.


Pumpkin being a rich source of vitamins is highly advantageous for eye health. The abundance of Vitamin A in pumpkin protects cornea, the surface of the eye and allow us to see under low light. Vitamin C in pumpkin reduces the risk of cataract and macular degeneration which are the two leading causes of adult blindness.


The high amount of fiber in pumpkin scrapes of bad cholesterol from the lining of blood vessel which contributes to cause heart diseases.


The abundance of potassium in Pumpkin has been found to lower blood pressure. Potassium counters the effect of sodium on blood vessels and acts as vasodilator lowering blood pressure.


Pumpkin has a variety of nutrients that work to boost your immune system. The large shot of vitamin A protects from various infections and viruses. Being packed with Vitamin C, pumpkin helps you to recover from Colds faster.   A single serving of pumpkin puree contains 20 percents of daily Vitamin C.


Being a high source of fiber, Pumpkin slows digestion helping you lose weight. A cup of pumpkin puree has 7 grams of fiber which is more than a person gets from 2 slices of whole grain bread.


An affluent source of Beta carotene, pumpkin protects skin from Sun’s wrinkle causing UV rays. Pumpkin pulp provides a natural face mask that exfoliates and soothes skin in a sunburn. A 1/4 th cup of pumpkin puree, 1 tbsp milk, 1 tbsp honey with an egg will provide you a mask that will rejuvenate your skin restoring its elasticity and giving you a blemish free lovely look.


Researches have shown that a beta carotene rich diet is associated with reduced risk of prostate and lung cancer. Vitamin A and C in pumpkin act as a defense squad and shield your cells from cancer causing free Radicals.

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