Little Known Benefits of Mustard Oil

Mustard has been used as a spice in various parts of the world for thousands of years. While a lot of people are acquainted with it, its use as an oil is limited to countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Here are some worthwhile benefits of Mustard Oil.



Mustard oil is rich in Vitamin E and fights free radicals which accumulate to cause signs of aging. Mustard oil restores skin elasticity with its massage and delays the production of fine lines and wrinkles. The high  number of antioxidants give you a blemish free, healthy skin. Mustard Oil massage rejuvenates and revitalizes skin by enhancing circulation.

Skin diseases

The anti bacterial and anti fungal properties of Mustard oil are highly effective in treating skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis etc. Mustard oil provides relief from rashes while providing relief from dryness, itchiness and dullness.

Natural Sunscreen

Presence of Vitamin E in Mustard oil acts as a sunscreen and prevents you from the harmful ultraviolet rays in the sunlight.


Mustard Oil massage before bedtime boosts circulation and relaxes your nerves to help you sleep better.


People in India and Pakistan massage Mustard oil to their babies and the sick to encourage their immune system and prevent them from hypothermia .


The impressive heating qualities of mustard oil have been highly helpful in treating symptoms of arthritis. Mustard oil massage effectively relieves joint pain .


Mustard oil is rich in both mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids which lower bad cholesterol and raise good HDL cholesterol ultimately proving heart friendly. It also lowers blood trigylceride levels which are risk factors for obesity, kidney disease and hyperthyroidism.


Mustard oil massage with salt on to the gums has shown remarkable improvement in gum diseases. Mustard oil effectively reduces gum bleeding by fighting bacteria and reducing inflammation.


Mustard Oil has been found to proven to prevent hair fall. Mustard oil massage stimulates hair growth by promoting blood circulation in the scalp. Regular use of mustard oil can give you long, thick, luscious hair. Mustard oil also prevents premature graying of the hair.



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