How to Improve Liver Function

Liver is a vital organ in the human body. It functions as an accessory digestive gland. The liver produces biochemicals that aid in digestion for example Bile. In addition, it serves as the center for detoxification, glycogen storage, protein synthesis, decomposition of red blood cells and hormone production.

In an era of lazy eating habits and blooming fast food chains, it isn’t a wonder when a lot of people see their gastroenterologist complaining of lethargy, fatigue, delayed digestion etc. While there a lot of causes behind impaired Liver Function, these few tips can generally prove effective


Avoid Spicy, deep fried, highly fatty foods. Avoid eating too much red meat as its high protein content causes stress on the liver for its breakdown.

Add leafy greens, carrots, whole grains to your diet.

Eat berry fruits like Cherries, Blue Berries, Phalsa berries  etc as they boost liver function and help in detoxification.

Cut down on sugar. Avoid dietry sodas, artificial sweeteners and fizzy drinks.


Improve your hydration level as it helps flushing toxins outside the body while easing  load on the liver.


Exercise while you can, as it helps dissipate the food energy throughout the body while lessening the burden on the liver. It also enhances  blood oxygenation and elevates your mood.


Stress has shown to be one of the causes of impaired liver function. Avoid stress, take time for your self and indulge in activities that make you happy.


Alcohol is the major cause of liver disease in Western Countries. Alcoholic liver disease has poor prognosis i. e response to treatment. World wide mortality due to alcohol related liver disease is 150,ooo per year.

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