Home Management Things Nobody Told You Would Save Alot Of Trouble

No damp clothes in the closet

Don’t put moist clothes in the closet. If they feel damp, let them dry and then put in the closet. Otherwise,  mold will grow in them and you’ll end up throwing them.

Put shoes away

Keep things especially shoes out of the way. Someone might trip on them and lose their teeth or even worse might happen.

Dry your ginger

 If the ginger u brought from the market feels moist, let it dry under a fan for a couple of hours before keeping it in the refrigerator. This will increase the shelf life of the ginger.

Detergents away from grocery

Never put detergents in the same bag as grocery, or hell, even near them. Also put them in a separate portion of the cart while shopping. They give out fumes which will have their effect on the food items and ultimately harmful to you.

No bleach for the Marble

Never ever use a cleaning agent which contains bleach for something which is made of stones or marble. They will discolor it making it look ugly.

Washing Hands After Gardening

Always wash your hands thoroughly after gardening, paying special attention to the nail beds. The larvae of some parasites might get stuck in them and may make home in your gut while eating. Also make sure that  your kids wash their hands effectively when they are done playing in the sand or mud.

Open Bathroom Window After Using Toilet.

Always open the bathroom window after using the toilet to let the stinky air out. This will not only keep the bathroom smelling bad but also prevent the harmful germ buildup.

Make a Mental Note of the items in the Fridge

Scour through your fridge daily and make a mental note of the food items present in it. This will not only help you in meal planning but also prevent food to go into waste.

Cleaning as You go

Clean and pick u things as you go. After a while, it will become a habit and make cleaning look less like a burden.

Keeping Cleaning Supplies Away From the Children

Always store cleaning Supplies away from the reach of Children. Keep them in a place they are bound to go less frequently or put them in a lock and key. Refrain from using Hand Sanitizer as their alcohol content (which is usually 60 to 95%) has been a major cause of poisoning in a group of elementary school kids.

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