How to Treat Constipation without Medication

Constipation happens when bowels movements become infrequent and hard to pass. They may be accompanied with bloating or tummy pain. Inadequate water intake is the main cause of it.

In an era of blooming fast food chains and fine dining, most people suffer from constipation these days. Lots of junk food, use of fine refined flour, rice also contribute to  it . In addition, use of artificial sweeteners and dietry sodas make them worse. Here are some tips that can easily solve your problem.


A cup or two an hour before your supposed bowel movement makes things much easier. Although you may have to drink enough water for a severe case.


Beautiful looking , sweet tasting papaya can get rid you the trouble. Also a great remedy for flatulence. A bowl is enough.


Soak couple of date in water overnight and have it in the morning with the water soaked in it. If symptoms persist repeat the process. For more amazing benefits of dates click here.


3or 4 normal sized guavas are enough. Also effective for flatulence.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil might be unpleasant for some but effectively does the job. A few tbsps would suffice.


Only for mild cases of Constipation. Make sure you have plenty of water before trying this remedy. Otherwise you may experience tummy ache


The high fibecomponent of bananas has been proved beneficial in relieving constipation. Fibre acts by absorbing water, making them softer and easier to pass. In addition, bananas have a probiotic effect. They also promote the development of useful gut flora.

Instant Relief

Couple of Tbsps of Butter in a hot cup of tea or soup does magic.

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