Amazing Benefits of Chewing Stick

Chewing stick or Natural tooth stick or Miswak is a tooth cleaning twig taken from the tree of Salvadora persica and various others like Neem, Olive, Walnut, Lime etc. Being a natural alternative to modern toothbrush, its use dates back to over 7000 years. Besides their bactericidal properties which control and prevent the formation of plague, they can used as a toothbrush. Along with the properties of being common, inexpensive and available, they many medicinal properties.

In 1987, World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed chewing stick as an effective dental cleaning tool.


Chewing stick is literally the world’s cheapest tooth brush. If you have a tree surrounding you whose twig can be taken, its free. Take a stick approximately the length of your palm with a knife or with your bare hands. Now before using it, wash it water several times to remove any pollutants. If your twig is fresh, start by chewing one end of the bark by almost an inch. Spit out the Bark.

When you’ve exposed the wood inside, start chewing on it so that it breaks into bristles. When its starts looking like brush, you’ll know its ready. You might feel spicy or stingy feeling in your mouth, its completely harmless.

Now hold it under thumb with three fingers on top and start brushing against your teeth. now gently scrub up and down and don’t forget to brush the back of your teeth.

After using , rinse it and store in a cool, dry, open place preferably not near a sink or toilet. When the bristles become torn and lose flavor, cut or break them off.


The best part about using tooth stick is you don’t have to buy tooth paste. The main components of tooth paste are abrasives, fluorides and detergents. By using it, you’re inevitably ingesting small quantities of these chemicals whenever you brush your teeth.


Chewing stick provides 10 times better cleaning action than toothbrush. The anti plaque activity is not only dependent on the mechanical activity of the stick but its chemical properties as well. It can effectively replace toothbrush. Plaque induced gingivitis is the by far the most common form of gingival disease.


The antibacterial properties of the extract prevent bacterial build up and fights cavities.


Tooth stick impressively prevents gum inflammation (gingivitis)  with its antimicrobial activity, which if untreated, can lead to gum bleeding and Periodontitis. Periodontitis is characterized by destruction of the tissues and resorption of the bone around the teeth which may lead to  tooth loss. It also reduces teeth sensitivity.


Chewing stick provides potent cleaning action which  prevents bad breath (halitosis). It also improves the sense of taste.


Every time you brush with the stick, the extract goes into your gut and provides relief form digestive ailments like constipation and flatulence. Its soothing action fights Acid reflux while destroying harmful bacteria. It also improves the activity of gut flora.


The cooling action of the stick helps treat underlying inflammation of the gut. Studies have suggested that regular use can prove benificial in the long run. Plus there is no harm trying.


Use of chewing stick has proven  benefits in allergies. The antiviral properties properties of the extract provide great relief in the symptoms of flu, cough and cold like stuffed nose, sore throat etc. It also helps clear up the voice with its consistent use.


Having advantages in improved taste and smell, chewing stick is linked with increased memory experience. In simple words a good sense of smell and taste enhances memory.




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