Little Known Benefits of Beetroots

Beets or Beetroot are the new Super Food. Beetroot is the the tap root portion of the beet plant. Apart from being a food source, beets are also used for food colouring as well as for their medicinal properties. Other varieties of beetroot have different uses like Sugar Beet, which is grown commercially for sugar production. Atleast 20% of the world’s sugar is derived from Sugar beets.


Researchers have found high levels of nitrate in beetroot. High levels of Nitrate have been linked to lower blood pressure and thus beneficial to Heart. In a study conducted on healthy individuals, it was found that drinking 500ml of beet juice significantly lowered their blood pressure.


Impaired oxygenation in the older brain has been linked to produce dementia. decreased blood flow to certain areas of the brain can decrease cognitive function. The excellent oxygenation properties of beets an slower the progression of the disease.


The huge antioxidant amount delays aging, which is most commonly caused by the accumulation of free radicals in the tissues of the Body. Being a rich source of vitamin C, beetroots boost the formation of collagen thus reducing the formation of wrinkles and delay aging.


Beets are a rich source of folic acid, which linked to the development of bones and tissues and formation of nervous system in the body. Being an essential part in the growth of the fetus, deficiency can lead to can lead to defects in the Spinal cord called Spina Bifida and various others.


Beetroot juice is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, Vitamin B and C. All the promote the circulation of blood in the scalp thus promoting hair growth and healthy hair.


The abundance of folic acid and iron in beets help prevent Anemia and the complications associated with it, like fatigue, irritability, lethargy, decreased memory, pale skin and neurologic deficits in the newborn.


The high source of calcium, magnesium and silica help prevent bones diseases like osteoporosis. Including beetroot in your everyday diet means strong bones and teeth.


The Antioxidant as anti inflammatory properties of beets can link to a decrease in the production of cancer causing cells.


The nitrate amount of Beetroot can be incredibly helpful in athletes building their stamina by dilating blood vessels and improving oxygen supply to the body. They are highly beneficial in enhancing exercise tolerance in long term endurance exercises. Next time you wanna participate in athletic activities, make sure to make beets an essential part of your diet.



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