How Mung Beans Can Be A Valued Addition To Your Diet

Mung beans also called Moong beans are mainly cultivated in Indian subcontinent India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.


Fiber in Mung Beans acts as a medium for acid to act upon, lowering stomach acidity levels and preventing heartburn.


Anemia is a disease characterized by fatigue, irritability and shortness of breath.

Loss or deficiency of iron is the reason behing anemia.

Iron is an essential  component of hemoglobin and is involved in transport of oxygen to the tissues.

Consumption of mung beans can help prevent anemia as they are affluent in Iron.


Mung beans have ample amount of magnesium. 100g of magnesium provides you with 47% of daily value.

Magnesium increases bone mineral density and prevents osteoporosis.

Deficiency of magnesium results in impaired uptake of calcium by the bones.


Mung beans are a great way to lose weight.

100g of mung beans provide you with 64% of daily amount of fiber.

Fiber absorbs water in the stomach inducing stomach stretch receptors send signals of satiety to the brain ultimately lowering your calorie intake.

Mung beans are also a good source of protein.

100g of mung beans are blessed with 48% of daily value.

Consumption of mung beans can assist in weightloss as a high protein diet is known to reduce obsessives thoughts about food by 60%.


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