How Jalapenos Can BE Beneficial To Your Health

Jalapeno is a medium sized chilli pepper pod belong to the species Capsicum annum.

The most popular Mexican pepper, Jalapeno, is a 5-10cm long fruit with a 25-38 wide smooth round flesh when matured.

Jalapenos harbor potential health benefits which are discussed below.


A 100g of sliced jalapenos provide nearly twice the daily value of vitamin.

Vitamin C, the well known antioxidant vitamin, promoyes the production of white blood cells, increasing the body’s capability of fighting infections and viruses.


Vitamin C fights inflammation and STRENGTHENS blood vessels. Consumption of foods blessed with vitamin C can reduce gingivitis and gum bleeding.


Looking younger is a part of human nature. However lack of collagen shatters your dreams.

Jalapenos with their ample amount of vitamin C, induce the production of collagen.

Collagen being the most abundant protein in the body gives structural support to the tissues and adequate production does slow down the progression of signs of aging.


The chemical capsaicin in jalapenos, which is known to give heat to these peppers, have been linked to natural pain relieving properties .


Jalapeno consumption can help you lower blood pressure through substantial amount of potassium.

Recent research has suggested that a diet rich in potassium may be equally as beneficial in lowering blood pressure a low sodium one.

Before going nuts over these green fruits and chowing down every piece there is, make sure you don’t suffer from pre existing health condition like acidic reflux etc, which can make you regret your decision.


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