How Baking Soda Can Prove Beneficial To Our Health

Baking soda or Sodium bicarbonate is a chemical compound which is widely used in our daily life from cooking to healthcare products as well as harmless/non toxic cleaning agent. Here are a few of them.


In an era of booming fast food chains, people have become way too dependant on eating takeaways and prepackaged meals. While they are easier and yummier to eat, they come with many health related side effects. One of them is acid reflux.

Being deep fried and having excessive  amounts of sodium, these meals prone us us to increased stomach acidity levels.

Baking soda being alkaline neutralizes the acid in your stomach and relieve you of acid reflux instantaneously.


Bacteria in our mouth thrive in an acidic environment. The end product of these bacteria is sulfur which gives our breath a characteristic stinky odor.

Rinsing your mouth with baking soda and water will not only balance the ph of your mouth but also provide an unsuitable environment for those bacteria and prevent bad breath.

Baking soda will also prevent the damage cause by acids to the enamel of the teeth and prevent tooth decay.


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