Surprising Health Benefits Of Okra You Never Knew

Okra, also called ” lady’s fingers” or gumbo, belongs to the mallow family. This family also bears cotton and hibiscus.

This pod vegetable is available all year round and thrives well in warm climates.

People often overlook okra because of its slimy texture, but okras are very popular because of their nutrient dense structure and high quantity of soluble and insoluble fiber.


Okra is low calorie vegetable. A 100g serving of okra provides you with only 30 calories.

Being loaded with soluble and insoluble fiber, okra helps in weightloss by bulking up the stomach contents and improving satiety, thus reducing your hunger and lowering your calorie intake.


One of the nutrients abundant in okra is vitamin C. Vitamin C being an antioxidant vitamin, promotes the production of white blood cells and strengthens your immune system making you healthier and less prone to illnesses.


Studies have suggested that okra may help you lower bloodpressure.  Diets rich in potassium can be equally as beneficial in lowering bloodpressure as a low sodium ones.

Okra is well off with this nutrient and effectively does the deed.


Being affluent in magnesium, okra can be the diet which can help you lower your stress levels.

Magnesium antagonizes the effect of calcium on blood vessels and nerves, reduces your anxiety levels and help manage stress.


Okra is rich in eye friendly vitamins and nutrients which can help improve vision. Vitamin A and C help protect tissues of the eye.

Beta carotene and flavonoids prevent the eyes from free radical damage and protect from age related diseases macular like degeneration and cataract.


Fiber in your diet is capable of providing health benefits more than your imagination.  Fiber absorbs cholesterol from bile in the intestines, preventing its reabsorption in the bloodstream, thus managing your cholesterol levels.


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