Surprising Health Facts About Cumin

Cumin bearing the scientific name Cuminum cyminum belongs to the family Apiaceae. The seed of cumin plant is used as a condiment or spice in various cuisines.

Cumin bears lot of health related benefits. Few of them will genuinely surprise you.


Cumin essential oils contains a powerful aromatic compound called Cuminaldehyde which stimulates taste buds and produces saliva which facilitates the primary digestion of food.

Thymol, another compound present in cumin stimulates the secretion of enzymes and acids required for the digestion of food in the stomach and the intestines.

Cumin is a carminative and relieves you from gas and boosts your appetite.


Cumin is exceptionally loaded with Iron. Just a 100 g of cumin provide you with 368% of daily requirement.  Iron is an essential component of hemoglobin and required by blood cells for supplying oxygen to the tissues.

Deficiency of Iron can lead to anemia and is characterized by fatigue, irritability and shortness of breath.


Cumin is a good source of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C promotes the production of white blood cells and fights free radicals which are the by products of cellular metabolism. Thus improving your immune system and increasing your body’s ability to fight infections and viruses.


Being a significant source of potassium, cumin can lower bloodpressure. Recent studies have suggested the role of potassium in lowering blood pressure may be equally as effective as sodium.

A diet rich in potassium can easily lower bloodpressure as a low sodium one.


Increasing your intake of cumin can be good idea to strengthen your bones.

100g of cumin contains 93% of daily calcium.

Diets rich in calcium can prevent your chances of getting osteoporosis.


Cumin can help treat insomnia with the help of B6 vitamins and improving digestion.

Some of the components of cumin are hypnotic in nature and have tranquilizing effect, which can help relieve stress and anxiety which commonly causes insomnia.

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