Impressive Benefits Of Onions

Onions or the onion bulb belong to the genus Allium and is the most widely cultivated species of that genus. They are closely related to shallots, leeks, garlic, chives and chinese onions.

Here are some benefits of onions that may be unknown to you.


Onions are a rich source of antioxidants anthocyanins and quercetin which activate pathways prompting cancer cells to kill themselves.


Onion contain organo sulfur compounds which act as blood thinners and reduce the risk of a heart attack and stroke.

Onions are a great source of flavonoids which lower bad cholesterol levels in blood.


In a study conducted on diabetic rats, onion extract when given with anti diabetic drug, significantly lowered their blood sugar levels.

The substantial level of polyphenols in onion also play a role in glycemic control.


Onion are an ample source of thiosulfinate, a compound that is known for its anti bacterial activity.


Onion can prove to be a blessing in allergies. Eating a raw onion can open your stuffy nose as the sulfur compounds in it breakdown the mucus.

Onions also have remarkable antibiotic properties as their juice is used to treat animal bites.


Onions are abundant in a soluble fiber called inulin which boosts intestinal motility and improves digestion. Fiber adds bulk to the intestinal content making their movement through the intestines alot easier.


The antioxidant quercetin along with flavonoids soothes the tummy and calm down heartburn

The fiber in onions acts as a medium for stomach acid to act upon ultimately lowering acid reflux.


Onions are loaded with selenium which promotes the immune system and prompt us to stay healthy. A diet lacking in selenium causes inadequate maturation of immune cells and an impaired immune response.

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