Interesting Facts About Basil

Basil is a culinary herb also called “the king of the herbs” or the “royal herb”.

Here are some useful facts about this lovely herb.


Just a 100g of fresh basil leaves provide you 106% of daily dose of Vitamin A. Basil is a rich source of beta carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body.

Vitamin A fights free radical damage to the eye and prevents age related diseases of the eye like cataract and macular degeneration.

Deficiency of vitamin A can result in poor vision in night called the night blindness.


Basil is a good source of iron and prevents anemia. Iron is required by the red blood cells for transporting oxygen to the tissues which is essential for acquiring energy from the nutrients.

Deficiency of iron in the diet can lead to anemia, which is characterized by fatigue, irritability and shortness of breath.


Who doesn’t want a youthful glow to their skin?

Apparently basil helps you in this department. Basil is loaded with an antioxidant vitamin called vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen and helps skin restore it elasticity, reducing blemishes and slowing down the production of wrinkles.


Due to its impressive antibacterial action, basil is widely used in remedies to fight infections and viruses. Basil is a key ingredient in cold syrups and expectorents.


Basil is a great source of Vitamin K which promotes blood clotting. Just 2 tbsps of basil provides you with 29% of daily value.



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