Natural Alternatives To Chemical Loaded Toothpaste

The toothpaste we use today is full of chemicals and toxins that can harm our body in the long run.

Here are some reason you should resort to natural alternatives instead of market bought toothpaste.

  1. The foaming agent in toothpaste is a detergent which is a cleaning agent made up of harsh chemicals and destroys the enamel of our teeth.
  2. Triclosan, an active ingredient in most of the store bought toothpaste is a pesticide and can cause hormonal disruption.
  3. The plastic pellets in most toothpaste aren’t biodegradable and therefore released in the ocean and mistakenly swallowed by the sea creatures as food.

Here are some natural ingredients which can be successfully used instead of toothpaste.


Open a capsule of activated charcoal. Add few drops of water and use as a toothpaste. The absorbent quality of activated charcoal effectively removes stains without a gross after taste. It also spares you the stingy feeling you get after using toothpaste.


Add a pinch of salt to a tbsp of mustard oil and brush with it. The antibacterial action of salt destroys any plaque causing bacteria while mustard oil reduces inflammation and strengthens teeth.


Add a few drops of pepper mint oil to a tbsp of coconut and brush with it. Peppermint oil effectively fights bacteria causing bad breath and gives you a minty breath. It also doesnt leave you with altered taste like most toothpastes.


Cinnamon has miraculous properties when it comes to dealing with teeth. Cinnamon counters inflammation all the while destroying odor causing bacteria. It also improves the function of the taste buds and instantly cures sore throat.  Add a pinch or two to a tbsp of olive oil and go on with your brushing regime.







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