Wonderful Benefits of Black Currants

Black Currant is woody shrub grown for its tangy and appetizing  berries. It is native to temperate parts of central and northern Europe and northern Asia. The plant is grown both commercially and domestically and prefers damp and fertile soil.

Black Currant is a powerhouse of nutrients and its consumption can provide you various health benefits. Here are a few of them.


A cup of black currants can provide you with 236% of daily requirement of Vitamin C. That’s exceptionally comparing to other fruits and berries. Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen in our bodies, a protein which gives elasticity to our skin and delays the symptoms of aging. Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars in surgeries and artificial collagen, black currants give you a natural way to achieve the results you desire.


Black Currant is loaded with B vitamins that function to fight anemia. Iron is an essential component of RBC ‘s which functions to carry oxygen to the tissues. Deficiency of both iron and folic acid can cause anemia which has symptoms like fatigue, irritability and shortness of breath.

Heaping vitamin C content in black currants helps in the absorption of iron through the gut, hence playing a vital role in preventing anemia.


Being an affluent source of potassium, black currants can lower bloodpressure. Potassium counters the effect of sodium on blood vessels through vasodilation and lowers bloodpressure and can be equally effective in the process as a low sodium intake.


The fiber in black currants scrapes cholesterol from blood vessels reducing the risks of ischemic heart disease.

Studies have shown intake of 500mg of vitamin C daily in obese people can be equally as effective as exercise in preventing cardiovascular disorders.


Presence of Vitamin A in black currants helps in adequate production of sebum from hair follicles, keeping them moist and preventing hair fall.


Black currants have a low glycemic index and provide a steady source of glucose in the body.

The antioxidant action of vitamin C in black currants is miraculous in diabetes. A daily intake of 1000 mg of vitamin C has been shown to decrease blood glucose and lipids in people with type 2 diabetes. It has also been known reduce complications associated with the disease.





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