Wonderful Health Benefits of Barley

Barley, a major cereal grain, is widely grown in the temperate climates. Its one of the first cultivated grains in Eurasia nearly 10,000 years ago.


The presence of high amounts of selenium in ¬†barley does wonders for our immune system. A single serving of cooked barley contains 50% of our daily selenium requirement. Selenium boost immune system with its antioxidant action and improves our body’s defense against infections and viruses. Selenium has been proved to slow down the progression to AIDS in patients who have contracted HIV.


The High quantity of fiber in barley assists in weight loss. A cup of cooked hulled barley provides 10 grams of fiber, mostly insoluble. Fiber absorbs water adding bulk to our food sending stomach stretch receptors signals of being full, thus calming our hunger and helping in losing weight.


Barley contains high amount of soluble fiber called Beta-Glucan, a viscous fiber. Our bodies cant digest it therefore it moves through the intestines without being absorbed. IT binds with water and other molecules during this process, ultimately slowing down the absorption of sugar.

The presence of special fibers in barley control sugar levels better than other whole grains like oats.


Barley lowers cholesterol levels ultimately reducing the risk factors for heart diseases.In a study conducted in people with high cholesterol levels, replacement of 20% of their daily calorie requirements through barley in a 7 week period, lowered their bad cholesterol levels.

Beta glucan in barley, binds to cholesterol in bile preventing its absorption in the digestive tract.


Barley provides 60% of our daily requirement of manganese. Manganese plays a crucial role in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, both of which are essential in the development of nervous tissue.


The high fiber content in barley does wonders for our health. Fiber in barley provides a healthy environment for gut friendly bacteria. Barley also shortens the duration of time toxins in intestines, ultimately helping our body expel colon cancer causing metabolites.


Being rich in potassium, barley plays an impressive role in lowering blood pressure. potassium counters the effect of sodium on blood vessels by acting as vasodilator, ultimately aiding people suffering from hypertension.


Being loaded with minerals essential for bone development, barley does miracles in preventing osteoporosis. Barley serves as a huge source for calcium, magnesium, silicon and copper which are necessary for bone development. Significant supply of phosphates through barley. gives tensile strength to the bones by helping in maturation of the osteocytes.


Barley is an incredible source of antioxidants. The antioxidant action of barley fights free radical damage to the skin. Barley boosts the production of collagen, slowing the aging process and giving the skin a blemish free youthful glow.






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