Amazing ways fibre acts to Improve Tummy Troubles


 Fibre is necessary in our diet. Everyone knows its good for us but ever thought why?

Here’s why !

               A Fibre is a thread or filament which makes vegetable and fruit tissues, made of cellulose which is a plant cell wall. That cellulose is Resilient to stomach acid i.e the stomach can’t digest it.

Function of Fibre in Acid Reflux/ Heart burn
               In acid reflux or as we commonly know heartburn, fibre acts as a Medium for stomach to act upon. Thus preventing it to digest itself while lowering the Reflux. Untreated Heart Burn can give rise to GERD whic comprises of acid taste in the back of the mouth, heartburn, badbreath, chestpain, vomiting, breathing problems and wearing away of the teeth.
Function In Constipation
               The cellulose in fibre is extremely Hydrophillic i.e it absorbs water. It promotes intestinal movement thus relieving constipation.

Function In Weight loss

As we know fiber absorbs water, so when we have eaten a eat which contains a large amount of fiber, It sends stomach stretch receptors signals of being full, hence controlling over desire to eat, which ultimately results in weight loss.

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